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Reskilling for Opportunities

Good progress through life, Webstories - guest - August 1, 2015

Not too long ago, 40-year old Mr Kirubakara Rengabashyam, a father of one, was in dire straits. He had just been retrenched from his position as a remote assistant in a mechanical engineering job, and was eager to look for another job. That was easier said than done. Soon, reality…

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Keeping Fit with Friends

Be in Good Hands, Webstories - guest - July 31, 2015

Mr Abdul Razak bin Osman, 47, is a personal trainer at NTUC Health’s SilverCOVE. The integrated wellness facility, located at Marsiling Height, provides a range of services to support the health, fitness, safety, social, recreational and learning needs of the elderly living in the area. A former gym instructor, Mr…

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Good meals at a good price!

Good Value Everyday, Webstories - guest - July 31, 2015

Residents in Bukit Panjang thronged the long-awaited hawker centre run by NTUC Foodfare when it opened for business at the end of December 2015. And, they have been coming back in droves since. Mr Yang Kai Sheng, 25, said, “Our area so needs a new food centre… Bukit Panjang Hawker…

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You Are What You Eat

Stay In Good Health, Webstories - guest - July 30, 2015

Singaporeans are consuming 300 more calories than is required each day, more than double the average just 12 years ago. Such a dietary trend is dangerous, since the additional calories potentially translate to a host of health-related problems, including diabetes, in the future. Working with the Health Promotion Board, NTUC…

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The Freedom to be Mobile

Be in Good Hands, Webstories - guest - July 30, 2015

Eighty-five year-old Mdm Fong Cher Li, a resident at NTUC Health’s Nursing Home in Jurong, currently undergoes active rehabilitation. She works hard to keep up with exercise and therapy because she knows it is important. “I practice walking with my walking frame every day, up and down the corridor,” she…

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Helping People with Special Needs

Be in Good Hands, Webstories - guest - July 29, 2015

It is estimated that one in 700 babies in Singapore is affected by Down Syndrome – a genetic condition caused by the presence of an extra chromosome 21. It is associated with a range of developmental difficulties, including delayed motor and cognitive skills, which range from mild to severe. With…

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Nurturing Children from Birth to Three

Good progress through life, Webstories - guest - July 29, 2015

A 3D model of the solar system, complete with the sun and its eight planets, occupy a corner of a classroom. Children no older than three years of age actively simulate rockets and spaceships coursing through space. This lesson is based on the new relationship-based curriculum designed by early childhood…

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Healthcare Products for Everyone

Healthcare Products for Everyone

Be in Good Hands, Webstories - guest - July 28, 2015

NTUC Health’s Unity Pharmacy has been running Senior Tuesdays since 2006 to enable senior citizens above 50 years of age to enjoy a 5% discount off their purchases at all Unity stores. Last year, it served close to 200,000 seniors. Unity Pharmacy also moderates healthcare costs for the public by…

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Building Character One Step at A Time

Good progress through life, Webstories - guest - July 28, 2015

A six-year-old boy packs his own bag and reminds his mother regularly that he must not be late for school. A nursery pupil helps his mother with the household chores without being asked to. A four-year-old child is able to wear his uniform himself without assistance. These are real-life stories…

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Meeting The Needs of The Elderly

Be in Good Hands, Webstories - guest - July 27, 2015

After attending NTUC Learning Hub’s training programme ‘Servicing Senior Customers’, NTUC FairPrice retail assistant Ms Sree Devi understands difficulties that her regular elderly customers face. “At the course, we learn through role play,” as Sree explained. “We wore glasses and bandages on our hands, to feel how our customers feel…

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