Past Campaigns


Pioneers Enjoyed Benefits of PioneersOK! Package

October 13, 2014

“PioneersOK!” is a way of expressing our appreciation for the pioneers of Singapore.

Big Value Bag. Made For Singapore

July 8, 2016

The NTUC Social Enterprises launched the “Big Value Bag” to help Singaporeans manage the rising cost of living. Valued at S$35 million, the Big Value Bag comprises discounts on daily essentials, cooked food, health products and insurance plans. This is part of the NTUC Social Enterprises’ continuous efforts to help Singaporeans live better lives.

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The Wholesome Food Challenge

August 5, 2016

Two mummies are donning aprons and putting their culinary skills to the test with The Wholesome Food Challenge! Each meal is judged for its overall nutritional value, so the contestant who comes up with a more balanced menu wins!

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Where Good Exists

Nov 21, 2016

What does ‘good’ mean to you? Find out what the good people of Singapore have to say, and share your own stories of unexpected or purposeful acts of Good that you have encountered yourself! You tell the story and we spread the goodness.